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Commodity trading is one of the oldest trading practices in the world, dating back thousands of years. Goods are unique, because they have physical representation in the real world. Whether it is a source of energy such as oil, or precious metals such as gold and platinum, commodities are present in the real world and are therefore affected by current events in fact.

Gold is the most famous metal as an investment. Investors trading in gold online buy gold as savings or a safe haven against any economic, political or currency-based crises. Investors also buy gold and take part in gold trading during market periods when their shares are bullish in an attempt to make profits.

Gold is a safe haven, which means it adds a great deal of stability to any portfolio consisting of a range of assets that are exposed to a lot of volatility.  For example, many foreign exchange traders turn to gold futures when markets are exposed to sharp volatility, as gold prices are generally more stable, while they continue to be affected by the foreign exchange market.